Nevada Brothels List, Map and Ratings

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Nevada Brothels

Nevada is the only US state where prostitution is legal, but it is not legal in the entire state. In fact, it is not even legal in Las Vegas. Prostitution is only legal in certain Nevada counties that have chosen to make it legal. The counties that include Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City have all chosen not to legalize prostitution.

The closest legal brothel to Las Vegas is about sixty miles east in Pahrump, Nevada. The famous Chicken Ranch and Sherri’s Ranch, both sanctioned by the state, are located there in Nye County. A little further to the north you will on Route 95 you will pass the Cherry Patch Ranch, Mabel’s Ranch, and Cottontail Ranch. There are several dozen more “ranches” in northern Nevada near Carson City and Reno. All together, there are about 25 legal brothels operating in Nevada.

All of these licensed brothels are regulated by the state of Nevada. Their employees must submit to frequent medical exams. It is doubtful that any of these establishments would engage in fraud or deception or anything else to jeopardize their lucrative state license.

How much do Nevada prostitutes cost?

This is one of those areas where it’s hard to get any firm answers. But judging from numerous internet forum posts, it seems like it will set you back a minimum of $300, depending on exactly what you want, of course. You must negotiate each transaction personally with the lady of your choice. If you aren’t sure if you can afford it – you probably can’t.

By Nevada statute, prostitutes are only allowed to work in brothels.Because prostitutes are not allowed to work independently, Nevada has institutionalized a third party management system. Even though the brothels consider prostitutes to be independent contractors, the prostitutes do not have the control or freedom that independent contractors or sole proprietors have. If they decide to refuse a customer, management must be provided with what it deems an acceptable reason.

Throughout Nevada, the standard percentage kept by the house per transaction is 50%. The brothels charge additional for room and board and several of them have the prostitutes supplement the house employees income by giving them required tips. This mandatory tipping can start at a minimum of $18 per day in the larger brothels. This is an effective way for the house to minimize its labor costs.

Use the map of Nevada brothels above for a complete listing of brothels in the state.

How Does the Pricing Of Nevada Brothels Work?

Those interested in obtaining the services of a legal Nevada brothel are likely wondering a bit about the protocol, or how to actually obtain the services, as well as how the pricing works.  These are common questions, and as you don’t want to breech etiquette or find yourself caught off guard, it helps to be armed with information before proceeding.

There are currently 28 legal Nevada brothels in operation.  A word to the wise, none of these are in Las Vegas.  No brothels in towns of 400,000 or more are tolerated, and prostitution can only be engaged in at these licensed and registered brothels.  That means, if you are being offered services in your hotel room, or in a large city like Las Vegas, beware.  It is helpful to do a bit of research on your selected Nevada brothel before making the trip, as they are often in small towns, to ensure that everything is on the “up and up”.

When it comes to both pricing and protocol, it does vary from brothel to brothel.  There are many who have likened the “protocol” of the Nevada brothel to ordering a meal off a menu.  You are provided with a list of services offered, sometimes even a selection of women, and you can choose which you are interested in.  Fees can either be set or negotiated.  How they are handled can vary too, sometimes the women themselves will collect the fees, other times, one may pay a third party, such as the owner or member of management, before the services are transacted.

Price does vary depending on what services you choose and for how long you wish to have them for.  In general, you are looking at around $200 for fifteen minutes.  The longer you wish to have them, or the more you wish to have them do, the more it will cost you.  Some actually host parties, and these can run in the neighborhood of $10,000 per hour of services.

Many places do not have set fees, so you will often need to negotiate with your selected woman(en) before the services are rendered.  Often, about half the money will go to the brothel owner, the rest is kept by the women.  The women who work in Nevada brothels are themselves, considered to be independent contractors.  This means that they are free to stop working for the company at any time, but also, as a result, that they do not qualify for unemployment or other benefits due to the nature of their employment status.

Cherry Patch II 2703 E Highway 95 Amargosa Valley,NV 89020 775 372-5678

Donna’s Ranch 395 N 2nd St Battle Mountain,NV 89820 (775) 635-2764

Angel’s Ladies Hwy 95 N Beatty,NV 89003 (775) 553-2647

Dovetail Ranch 402 Highway 278 Carlin,NV 89822 775-754-6232

Sharon’s Brothel & Bar Po Box 880 Carlin,NV 89822 775-754-6427

Cherry Patch Ranch Appaloosa Ln Crystal Bay,NV 89402 (775) 372-5251

Inez’s D&D Bar 232 S. Third St Elko,NV 89801 (775-753-5398)

Mona’s Ranch 103 S. Third St Elko,NV 89801 (775) 777-7469

No. 1 Geisha 357 Douglas St Elko,NV 89801 775-778-9599

Sue’s Fantasy Club 173 S. Third St Elko,NV 89801 (775-738-9962)

Big 4 Ranch 135 High Street Ely,NV 89301 (775) 289-3844

Stardust Ranch 190 High St Ely,NV 89301 (775-289-4569) <

The Love Ranch 95 Kit Kat Drive Mound House,NV 89706 775 297-4347

Kit Kat Guest Ranch 50 Kit Kat Dr Mound House,NV 89706 (775-246-9975)

Moonlite BunnyRanch 30 Moonlight Rd Mound House,NV 89706 (1-888-BUN-NYRA)

Sagebrush Ranch 51 Kit Kat Dr Mound House,NV 89706 (1-888-852-8144)

Wild Kat Ranch Us Route 95 Mina,NV 89422 775.573.2521

Chicken Ranch 10511 Homestead Rd Pahrump,NV 89041 775-727-5721

Sheri’s Ranch 10551 Homestead Rd Pahrump,NV 89041 775-727-5916

Wild Horse Adult Resort & Spa 1000 Wild Horse Canyon Drive Sparks,NV 89434 (775 343-1224)

Shady Lady Ranch Highway 95 Beatty,NV 89003 775-321-3126

Bella’s Gentlemen’s Club/Hacienda Ranch 619 8th St Wells,NV 89835 775 752 9914

Donna’s Ranch 679 8th St Wells,NV 89835 (775-752-9959)

The Villa Joy and the Red Light Lounge 40 Riverside St. Winnemucca,NV 89445 775-623-4444

The Wild West Saloon 50 Riverside St. Winnemucca,NV 89445 (775) 623-5800