Mound House Brothels

Sagebrush Ranch No Comments

Sagebrush Ranch 51 Kit Kat Dr, Mound House, NV 89706 888-852-8144 The Sagebrush Ranch has everything you could want in a brothel: a long, cozy bar set in sexy lighting complimented by a wide variety of ladies anticipating your arrival. Suited to every preference, the ladies of Sagebrush come in all different skin tones, body […]

Moonlite BunnyRanch 1 Comment

Moonlite BunnyRanch 30 Moonlight Rd, Mound House, NV 89706 888-BUN-NYRA Located a short 7 miles from Carson City is the Moonlite BunnyRanch. The original establishment owned by Dennis Hof, the Moonlite BunnyRanch enjoyed a bit of publicity when HBO filmed an entire TV series at the Ranch (appropriately named “Cathouse”), following the day-to-day lives of […]

Kit Kat Guest Ranch 3 Comments

Kit Kat Guest Ranch 50 Kit Kat Dr, Mound House, NV 89706 775-246-9975 One of the most famous brothels in northern Nevada, the Kit Kat Guest Ranch has been pleasing their guests since the 1950’s. With 28 guest rooms and enough “Kit Kat Cuties” to occupy them all, there’s plenty of room and fun for […]

The Love Ranch 1 Comment

The Love Ranch 95 Kit Kat Drive, Mound House, NV 89706 775 246-7077 The Love Ranch has undergone several name changes in the last 15 years. Formerly known as “BunnyRanch Two”, “Kitty’s Pussycat Lounge”, and “Miss Kitty’s Cathouse” (just to name a few!), the Love Ranch was established as a sequel to the nearby Moonlite […]