Kit Kat Guest Ranch

Kit Kat Guest Ranch
50 Kit Kat Dr, Mound House, NV 89706

One of the most famous brothels in northern Nevada, the Kit Kat Guest Ranch has been pleasing their guests since the 1950’s. With 28 guest rooms and enough “Kit Kat Cuties” to occupy them all, there’s plenty of room and fun for large groups or bachelor parties. They also offer top-notch luxury accommodation, including a built-in swimming pool, jungle-themed Jacuzzi room, and a 2-Bedroom VIP suite. Stop by during the summer and enjoy one of Kit Kat’s “Sultry Summer Swim Parties”, filled with beautiful girls, delicious barbecue fresh off the grill, and flirtatious encounters. The Kit Kat Guest Ranch also has Adult Stars that are available for your pleasure — simply call in advance to check their schedule.

Dragon Fly February 27th, 2011

This is the worst place to Visit if u wanna go to the Nevada Brothels.Too much bad energy,gals poisoning each other using Visine eye whitener,becareful they could do that to you too as a customer just to get your money.NOT GOOD.

Steve M April 2nd, 2011

Dragonfly, don’t know what may have happened but, I’ve been going there for years a few problems yes but, most of the times, good “service”. If you have problems at a house, just go to one that’s to your liking!

Gregg January 28th, 2014

Currently, Kit Kat is closed. Not sure if for remodeling or if Dennis Hof who now owns the property, is going to tear it down and build a new place. (Several rumors have floated.)

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