The Villa Joy

The Villa Joy and the Red Light Lounge
40 Riverside St., Winnemucca, NV 89445

Located in the town of Winnemucca in northern Nevada, the Villa Joy Brothel has an alluring mystique that draws travelers in, some journeying 150 miles from Reno. Opened in January 2010, the Villa Joy is a smaller brothel servicing customers from noon-4am every day of the week, and features four distinct ladies. There is also a bar component, affectionately named the “Red Light Lounge”, where decadent and sinful evenings begin. Have a drink and take in an evening of entertainment, with a line-up consisting of all-nude dancers and various stage shows — there’s even a pool table where clothing is optional.

larry December 5th, 2012

atmosphere at the villa joy was nice but once i got to a room with one of the ladies things went from good to bad real fast. dont get hooked by the woman named Aaron. She will cure you of any desire to visit a brothel again. Mean as a snake and in need of a shower.

Aaron February 24th, 2013

My name is Aaron and I am saddened to read “Larry’s” review. I have never heard a complaint from any of my clients. I specialize in the girlfriend experience and am always kind, gentle and caring when I am with anyone I see. I don’t believe this individual is actually a client but someone from my personal past whom would like to see me leave the business by hurting my reputation. I assure anyone reading this, that I am clean and kind to anyone I see. The only time I would ever chastise anyone I see is if they physically hurt me and my customers are kind gentleman who treat me gentle.
Peace to all

william February 24th, 2013

I have partied with Miss Aaron at the Villa Joy and had a great freaky time. She did a wonderful job catering to me. So much so I’m making it one of my regular stops. She was naughty and nice and smelt so good. So I’m not sure were your coming from on that comment. The only way I fig is it is something personal against her. Good luck on the rest of your hooker hunt.

Joe March 9th, 2013

I have been coming to the Villa Joy for years and love the place and the gals. Several months ago I met Aron. But I came in 1 week ago and no Aron. Can anyone tell me when my girl is coming back? Aron if u can would you please let me know when you’ll be back. I am hooked on Italian or should I say hooked on you!!!

Steve March 10th, 2013

I have visited the Villa joy many times and find the prices and services to be very fair. The ladies that work there are beautiful and classy. I can’t believe some asshole would say such stupid things about Aaron. I know Aaron and she is extremely beautiful and clean. But the best thing about her is her gentle and kind personality. Almost all of the girls at The Villa Joy are real ladies.

Steve March 10th, 2013

Winnemucca is the place to go for real Brothel fun. Can anyone tell me when Aaron will be back? A buddy of mine told me about her but when I got to the villa joy she was on vacation. I will be back as soon as she returns. I don’t know if the Villa reads this but if you do let me know when Aaron will be back.

Billy March 25th, 2013

Aaron is still working. If it is the same Aaron that used to work at the Villa. She was the only girl working and she gave me a tour. I bought a half hour with her during which time she told mw she was 38. From the look of her face and her wrinkled up saggy old ass i would say she is closer to 60. Once she got her clothes off i walked out. I’m not into grandma.

Aaron April 13th, 2013

This is Aaron, aren’t spiteful ex-husbands with too much computer time on their hands a wonderful thing? I have never known a Billy and have never had a complaint! But I will be leaving the business very soon anyways. Somebody should really tell Larry aka Billy to get on with life because there are enough oddities in the world without them being freaks of nature. Your little games are getting old fast.

Billy April 19th, 2013

I’m not your ex-husband granny, but nice try. Don’t let your geritol boil over, some guys may be into rock hard fake tits and flabby asses, i’m not one of them. Bur please, how about some disclosure on your age and race. I know a lot of Italian girls and you are definatley not. Knight in shining armor? LOL. Thats a good one.

Aaron April 13th, 2013

Hey this is Aaron again. The Villa Joy is a great place to cum for fun, fun, fun. I have enjoyed my time there and my many wonderful customers! I am leaving on Saturday and will not return since I have met my knight in shining armor. Thank you to the Villa Joy for everything. I am sooo happy to announce my upcoming wedding and happy future. Take care everyone.

Dan April 19th, 2013

I know Aaron is gone but I hope she still checks this site. Hey pretty lady I was with you a while back and I called for your number recently but the bartender told me you had left. I know it’s unusual but my number is 740-339-2568. Give me a call I am headed out on a cruise and want you to come with. I have 15 k with your name on it. You treated me so good when I came in that I want to get to know you better.
From the looks of this page you probably left because of some jerk. I know you said it sounds like an ex-husband but it sounds more like someone with a grudge. You can eat Geritol in my bed anytime. Please call and I’ll make sur you never have to work again. Dan

willam April 11th, 2013

I found out that Aaron is leaving this sunday and was said she will be back the 28th…..april of course

Milligan anonymous April 17th, 2013

I was at the Villa Joy about two weeks ago and wish I would have known about this review site when I left but I came across it by accident. Perhaps the brothels should put this site on the cards they hand out if they really want feed back from customers. Winnemucca was the first house I’ve ever been to and after my visit I will never go to any brothel again!
I went with a blond girl named Nikki or Nicole? I spent a large sum of money to find out that these girls are treated like slaves. I never actually had sex with the girl I paid for because she seemed to need to vent. As I listened to this girl I was horrified to hear that the madam yells and screams at this girl and even threatens her with beatings! Apparently the guy who runs the place told her he would throw her out of his car if she didn’t have sex with him and the owner takes all their money. I won’t even mention what she told me about the other girl that was there. What a nightmare Nicole must have been living! Anyway I gave the girl 300 and told her to get a bus ticket and run. Needless to say I never got sex and I I will never go to these places after hearing this poor girls story.

Jay April 17th, 2013

Hey Milligan, I knew about this site but felt like an idiot after my trip to the Villa, but after reading your comments I realize I’m not alone!
I think you got fucked and didn’t know it, I know I did! I was with the same girl last week, a cute blond with long hair and a knock out body. I paid a crap load of money and she gave me the same song and dance. I got so turned off that I couldn’t even get it up. I gave the girl an extra 2 hundred under the table just to shut her up and I ran from the place! When I read what you wrote I knew I’d been duped. I am a truck driver from N.Y. And you better believe I am going to tell all the other drivers I know to stay the he’ll away from that shit hole until the place gets rid of their blond con artist. What a waste of fucking money!

milligan May 1st, 2013

I happen to know that Jay above is actually Aaron an elderly prostitute that works at the villa too. Maybe the compitiion is too much for her and is trying to get the beautiful blond fired. Just saying.

Jacky August 4th, 2013

I just want everyone to know there is a woman at the villa joy that has it in for men. After taking my hard earned money she humiliated me and stole my money. The old hag told me she hates men and after she was done with me, I believe her. Her name is Aaron. She is an old Mexican with bad attitude. Watch out for her.

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